Last anchorage

We pulled off Bobby’s dock at 6:45 am on Tuesday November 8th.  Beautiful water! We were racing to get in our last lock before a train of barges got there.  This was another massive flotilla that filled the lock. 

We we surprised to find our friends on TwoLynne waiting at the lock. 

The shoreline continued to change as we cruised past a cool rock formation.

We passed a huge paper mill that you could smell long before we saw it. Massive stacks of logs along the river. They were spraying water on top to keep the wood from spontaneously combusting.

The closer we got to Mobile, the more industrial the shore became. we saw the rare truck tire tree… harvest time is near.

We saw local folks harvesting fish in fish traps… yes that is a baby in an infant seat on the back of that boat!  We are in Alabama.

The shoreline started looking more beach like. And the markers caught big trees, holding them so we wouldn’t hit them.

We arrived at our anchorage and were pleased to see how wide it was!  We set our anchor and the others rafted up with us. These are great people and we loved spending time with them. 

Of friends pulled up before dark and dropped anchor behind us.  We invited them to join us for dinner but they declined due to the rain that just began to fall and the fact that election results would be coming in soon. 

We enjoyed one more night with our friends before going to bed. Mike and Deby were wonderful hosts and hardly minded that red wine was spilled- oh! No names cause you know!

 Then, as Steve turned to shut off the generator, he slipped on the stairs to the bedroom, hitting his back right in the middle.  Ouch!!  Between watching the historic election results come in and trying to find a comfortable position for the back, we were up most of the night. Kathleen was up top several times checking on the anchor situation. Here is why!  We wallowed all over the place, driving her crazy.

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