The Run to Dog River

Wednesday, November 9th, we pulled anchors at 8am . Again excited and sad we were almost at the end of our adventure.  Steve stayed on the helm and Kathleen was the one pulling anchor today. Flawless- just saying…  evidently watching him do it every time this past year paid off.  We headed into the Port of Mobile. 

The coast changed that last little bit from river to sea.

Mike,on Moon Dance, was an amazing excellent guide with his naval history.  Lots of industrial activity going on here as well as a cruise port.

The navy has a few ships here that were quite unique. Tri hulled and modern.

Not nearly as large as port of Houston, there was other stuff going on too.

Then we spilled out into the bay. Calm at first, the farther south we got, the windier it was. Our friends turned east to Fairhope while we continued on. Ran into a little traffic in the ship channel.

Did you call ch the name on the shrimp boat? It’s a sign! We were being welcomed home.

The tanker came close but was empty so very little wake. We could almost see the props!
Dog River was more rustic than we were expecting, but we pulled in and filled the fuel that was happening, a man walked up and introduced himself. He has been following our blog all year after hearing from a family member about us doing the loop. Steve’s friend plays golf with one of his relatives. Anyway, here he was!! They started loop first of November and just by chance, were dock near us!  This world seems so much smaller since we have been on this adventure. Just as we finished fueling, TwoLynne pulled up. It was a peaceful night as we fell asleep around 4 pm!  Exhausted!

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