Crossing our Wake

Tuesday November 10, 2016 we cruised into Mobile Bay and come to the spot we were last year at this time.  So the circle was complete. They call it “crossing your wake”.   So now we are officially Gold Loopers!  We took down our white burgee from the American Great Loop Cruisers Association.  Upon crossing our wake we joined the group of cruisers eligible to fly the gold burgee!  It’s like finally making Eagle Scout!  Years of training and miles of trials that prove you have what it takes! We were greated by a playful dolphin! 

A good friend gave us a bottle of 1999 Dom Perignon that we used to celebrate.  Our dock friends from Texas came over to spend the weekend and help celebrate too!   

This has been a trip of a lifetime. We made lifetime friends along the way. 2 of them joined us for more celebrating at dinner at LuLu’s.  We started in Galveston Bay last November. Here is our trip by the numbers:

 It has been 358 days since we left home port. We returned home 78 days during that time. We had 116 travel days where we moved from one place to the next. Our longest day was crossing the Gulf, 165.6 nautical miles. Our shortest day was .08 nm. On average, we traveled 46.07nm a day.  We logged a total of 5345.1 nm
We used 4280.4 gallons of diesel fuel costing $9,808.42 USD.   That averages out to 1.24nm/gal., and $1.80/nm.  We traveled less than 15 hours on plane and used auto pilot as often as we could!  We went thru 105 locks.   We tied up with power 27 nights, stayed in marinas 271 days.  This cost $13,855.66 at an average cost of $46.49/night.

We logged 451.3 hours on our generator. We spent 5 nights on walls without power, anchored out 28 nights and spent 27 nights on mooring balls for a total of 60 days.  That averaged out to 7.52 hours/night on the generator.
Yes it was a blast and now we will make our way back to Seabrook. Who knows what the future holds but we will definitely keep cruising!

5 thoughts on “Crossing our Wake

  1. Nick Strickland

    I am sure you don’t remember me but I was one of the first you met at Gulfport MS marina. Took you guys to grocery store. I have followed your trip. Congratulations
    Nick Strickland


    1. Dr Benson

      We do remember you and were greatfull for your help. We planned to stop at Gulfport on our way home but had mechanical problems that made us stop in Biloxi. Sorry we missed seeing you again. Steve and Kathleen


  2. Kathy Jennings

    Amazing! We will start our adventure this March, leaving New Smyrna Beach, FL. I read your post aloud to Bill and his immediate response was a request for your log. We have purchased a lot of books but a recent trip like yours would surely be an asset to have aboard. If you could share your excell spread sheet (marinas, anchorages and mileage) we would be most appreciative. Loved your blog. Such happy faces sharing that Don Perignon! We wanna be there too!
    Kathy Jennings
    Mz Fullcharge


  3. Diane Benson

    Congratulations. Got some good travel tips from your shore excursions that we recently used. Applaud you both for making your dream come true!


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