The after party : Side trip to Pensacola 

What a celebration we had after our initial champagne toast!  Brenda and Scott drove down from Fairhope where their boat is being repaired. We all shared dinner at LuLu’s! 

Nov 11th, we left the dock at LuLu’s to head for Pensacola to see the Blue Angels preform. It’s their homecoming and final performance for the year.  By 1:30pm we had set the anchor and settled into a relaxing afternoon 

The afternoon performance was excellent viewed from our front row seats on our bow! They were right over our heads!

As the sun set, we enjoyed dinner and got ready for the evening show.

Having never seen a night air show, we didn’t know what to expect. 

Ok, that was cool but as night fell, it really got exciting! Photos just don’t do it justice but if you ever get a chance, go see one!

Morning on the water is always a treat. 

We pulled anchor at 8:30 and docked back at LuLu’s. Had a good lunch out with Norma and Charlie befor they drove back to Houston. 

Next morning Sunday , Scott and Brenda arrived at 10 to drive over to Robbie and Julia’s home. They gave a a great tour of Pensacola. 

Including a walk on the white sand to see the clear blue water one more time before we headed west to the brown waters of home!

Love these friends to the moon and back! They shared so much of our trip and we will miss them until we see them again.

One thought on “The after party : Side trip to Pensacola 

  1. George Nodarse

    I bow down to both of you. Master Captain and Senior Captain Benson. You have outranked me in my 45 years of nautical experience. I am envious and proud of you. Los Angeles coast has nothing compared to what you accomplished. Loved the blog.
    Have you seen the Youtube of “gonewiththewynns”? If you haven’t, check it out. Puts me back in the Bahamas every time.
    Big hug.


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